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  • AIPG and New Horizons in Oil & Gas Conference hosted by South Dakota School of Mines & Technology - Dr. Martin Saar presents: Mining Fluid to Pay for Its Geologic Sequestration & Geologically Sequestered Carbon Dioxide as a Geothermal Heat Mining Fluid -- Applications and Opportunities  09.24.2012

  • 33rd IEAEOR Symposium hosted with the PTRC in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Dr. Jimmy Randolph presents: CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG): Geothermal Energy Recovery from Porous Geologic Formations Using Carbon Dioxide as the Heat Transfer Fluid 08.26.2012 - 08.30.2012

  • HMC Parent Patent given notice of Allowance from US Patent Office - U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 13/202,746 07.31.2012

  • Carbon Capture Journal  04.21.2012

  • South Dakota-Based Geothermal Company Offers Game-Changing Energy Solutions that Reduce CO2 Emissions  04.20.2012

  • University of Minnesota startup offers game-changing energy solutions that reduce CO2 emissions 04.19.2012

  • U technology to help in green energy generation project  04.19.2012

  • Carbon Storage and More 02.21.2012